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tv   [untitled]    May 2, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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more guns into the city will be a good way to do their work. in the of, of course, i mentioned the light of '92 town it's difficult to promote to have morgan use age. what's also unique right now is we're seeing that youth crime is at is lowest level it's been for a long time. i've seen a gentleman doing a lot of work around youth violence and we've seen the lottery number in 2000 we had 6 percent down and in the 60 and 70s youth arrest is high and
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annoy in 2011 we're seeing 4 percent. so in the 1990s the homicide rate for san francisco youth averaged 21.6 and in the 200 these it dropped 6 points. juvenile department stats show the number you have youth is getting lower that i i was also concerned the chief and his staff have been talking about the reports and i know they're trying to do a lot of work that this is an appropriate use of
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their resources. i was taken a back about a story in the san francisco examineer. this lady was using to promote a program but was disconcerting it was like a youth youths of color they're all holding guns and passenger seat the guns at the person who is taking the picture. the caption says this is at the west housing project and it's being used to say we actually have on the streets a super i
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did not get who needs to have more ammunition on the streets. this kind of rhetoric is how we have to have give more power to daze to try other youths because of the ammunition. we've got one staffer in the juvenile department he's the depth chief probation officer saying to the examineer and that's the worse attitude about young people super predators who are on the street we shouldn't ask any of our city staff to do.
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i'm disgusted it's a rhetoric to put out if you want to put out controversy and it does a great disservice to our department. >> thank you members of the neighborhood services and safety committee for thank you for convening this afternoon's hearing about probation officers field officers when mortgaging combines with the - it is most appropriate that the safety of our juvenile potatoes who preserve and protect the safety of the san francisco neighbors will be and the before the neighborhood committee.
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we're grateful for the opportunity to show the changing landscape of the potatoes responsibilities. the division of jewel facilities formerly cia and transferring previously performed now to the j p d over the serious offenders. audio number 2 a watershed event occurring last summary with two potatoes in the admission with two police department gang offers following a recent gang homicide faced the most serious situation every reported to me involving probation officer officers under my specification.
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now the very first group i engaged in a discussion about my grave concerns even before i approached my staff was this juvenile justice providers organizations a group of organizers that we formed a coalition with. in january my colleagues and i present our thoughts on the changing landscape and probation officer officers work at the january meeting. since then our discussions with city leaders, members of this committee, other members of the board of supervisors, state legislatures, city department staff, our juvenile justice practitioners and the community
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members have been extremely helpful as we rethink our traditional practices and rechart our course to safely navigates the environment. we've taken particular notice of the youth advocates who have registered their support of officer safety as well their omission to rearming probation officers. i want to thank supervisor campos at the outset of his presentation and remarks making mention of the process the department has made in terms of evidence based practices and the
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focus of our work. >> but we do need to make a presentation that follows defense attorneys the requests that's made at the agenda that's old in the agenda that we're going to focus on the core peace officer responsibilities by holding the highest risk chronic reresidency offenders while released into the communities court jurisdiction. i'm happy to introduce my colleague to share a presentation. chief. >> thank you very much for the introduction. i have a fairly comprehensive
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power point prevention i'd like to make. good afternoon supervisors and a members of the public and those viewing at home. i'm the assistant chief officer of the department and i intended to share with you our department prevention regarding the changing landscape of the juvenile departments field services. some of the objectives are to highlight the juvenile characters and to report on the state and local practices and the laws that impact our department and to identify particular community monitoring risks and a challenges faced by our department. i intend to spotlight the aerm trend and want to highlight the severity of the problem as we
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have identified it. i want to start by take into account 83 at some of the statistics. as supervisor campos reported the good news is the number of juveniles being referred to juvenile court is going down substantially. if you look at the light blue bar you can see the juvenile referrals overall and the bottom of the graft is the petitions for the weapons charges compared to all passengers and at the top it the percentage is shows the statute of limitations to violence. despite the number of referrals go down the percentage of those
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weapons and violation offenses remain relatively consistent over 20 percent >> i actually show a decline in percent isn't that correct? >> yes, in the second slide the weapons and violations percent 23 percent of the violence have related to position possession. and the number of evolves referred to court for the weapons and violation petitions is 1 thousand and 9 the between 2011 and 2012. again those numbers represent the significance of the change we face in addressing violence in the community.
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and this next slide it represents the percentage by ethnicity 65 percent of the population been african-american and 24 being latino again representing approximately 89 pictures of the whole. if i may the one thing i'm trying to understand is the support for this contention that there's a changing landscape in terms of show you its sort of a jurisdiction to change the way we're doing it because there's more danger. the data your showing here didn't really show that. i want to make sure if we're
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making those statements about changing landscape that we, in fact, are having i know we're backing it up with data because the fact you say it you can repeat it as many times as you want where's the data >> there are several slides in this presentation perhaps we should walk through that. >> is this part of our data? that you it's part of the presentation. >> i look forward to seeing that. >> so we have the breakdown by gender again any far males are the perpetrators. and this breaks down by zip
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codes so we can see in this particular slide what's most notable is the number of juveniles are from other counties or counties that are unknown and a good number of them live outside of san francisco and are not residents of the city. so we took a snapshot of the number of youth that are in our juvenile hall and the number of youth in custody in justly hall has gone down substantial. as of yesterday there were 70 youth in custody 56 of those youth had a gun or violence petition. 80 percent of all you all the youth have a petition for a gun
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or violation recommended petition tow percent. a particular note is the fact that 41 percent are almost half of this population are 15 years old or younger. 9 percent of the population is age 18 years old. again looking at the counter population in juvenile hall 15 percent have a gun related offense and it 12 percent are charged with murder and the oftentimes they're charged with robberies. the theft of cell phones or other electronic devises is involved. looking at some of the kinds processing >> if you were to look at - if
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we look at when our census was 1 hundred and thirty or 40 would those percentages look different. if you show me this would a certainty percentage for the
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changing landscape comes in the case of situations where probation officers work for the county of san francisco work with violent are faced with offenders who approach them with weapons in hand while the probation officers are conducting their field duty we believe we have a responsibility probation officer to those officers to make sure they're safe when their performing their duties. that's a change in the landscape
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despite the number of cases have gone down >> isn't that why their occupied by police officers? >> that menus we're going to have more incidents? it menus we don't want to gamble >> but we have armed police officers and we have armed police officers it seems like there are protects in place. >> whether or not a police officer or probation officer is armed has nothing to do with someone who is attempting to engage in violent conduct is going to be involved in that
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conduct. we believe our probation officers need to be armed by the way, we don't have the control over offenders who are intent on doing violence. >> i mentioned juveniles are now mentioned under the supervised community relief and their adults have now our responsibility to supervise those folks. so it's expanding the age on those folks. on the other end of the spectrum
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we're foster through the benefit we're dealing with folks who are up to the age of 21 that are receiving the benefits of the guidance and where we've hired associate workers on the other i understand of the spectrum that's part of the changing environment. the availability of seers assault weaponry swals their proximity to indictments that have that weaponry as well that's that part of the changing landscape and because having received notice the watershed event on september 20th we have
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to take some steps to make certainty that our folks are protected. the other point about the population in juvenile hall when it was up to 1 hundred and 50 a large portion of the population thereof youth in the detention center were there not for having a new substantive charge but that's one of the issues we've addressed in making sure we're not over utilizing the detention unless it's in the interest of public safety par that's where we made the change. >> any other specific - >> please continue and so the chief as referred much of the
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landscape for our department. again many of individuals that are returning to juvenile facilities or c y a those individuals are now adults as they're returned to our caseload and supervised by our case officers. they were serious cases some of whom were committed murder. on the times those are individuals with crime conduct including gang conduct and yet they all return to san francisco under our supervision. some of the supervision strategy we use to supervise included
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school invite and inviting the homes of young people and inviting their employers to monitor other conditions of a probation. we make refrldz to address the needs of the young person from a clinical nature or recreational program. the department also coordinated and collaborates with other patterns and those individuals who work very closely with youth. we also part in cross agree collaboration probation ceasefire where other agencies across the county convene to discuss the strategies important working with high-risk
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offenders. our officers are present on saturday and public housing events as well as other community activities. we have a juvenile entry unit to work with individuals who return to the communities often the young people who are incriminated to logan rather than have been related offenders. in terms of probation officer authority. as peace officers for 8:30 the probation officers have the right and a duty to perform law enforcement agencies. those monitor the court pursues the go to the homes and they -
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arresting probation violators. a small yet significant number of high-risk offenders they have a i thought of violent offense patterns i'm talking about readyness for change. those individuals have incriminated the offenses that are identified here. they have a history of non-complien non-compliengs court orders.
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we believe those individuals pose a serious community safety risk. and just this morning in the commission district there was another shooting. the level of criminal sophistication sets and other adult offenders makes this small grow up about 10 percent or one hundred youth that we believe managing the youths especially given the activities i've described and including the probation officers who are expected to transport those individuals to the hall of justice for criminal court hearing our responsibility to bring people into custody who by the very nature are resistant to
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cooperate. those are the most danger activity that the probation officers perform. i want to talk briefly about the state of - >> what's been the trend in the past of probation officers finding weapons when in their doing visits. i'm trgd interested in what happened before. >> it's a common occurrence that during a probation officer during a search may discover a weapon that you we had a
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incident where a probationer from san francisco discovered a shotgun in the offenders home. and a girl was arrested at school for having a knife in her bag. a firearm that was posed bye youngster he handed a gun to another student because he saw the probation officers arriving and didn't want to be caught in position of the weapon >> are we saying there's a increase in youth having in supervision having weapons is
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that new has that never happened before? i think that something is new is the type and capacity of the weapons you possess. >> i've been hearing about students having weapons and knives for decades. it doesn't seem like we have anything new that requires a new level of readyness to be armed outside of the system >> i beg to differ. we have children with clips that carry up to 20 rounds >> actually, it did happen 20 years ago. >> we've got youth in the classrooms not just out on the
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streets. we have to pay attention to this matter etch as it relates to the peace officers who are performing those law enforcement duties every single day. we can't do what we've continued to do for decades in the past when every other jurisdiction across this system where we have 59 out of 60 departments that are armed that you how many are expanded alone juvenile probation department? >> we have a different model in san franci